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Kahraman MELEK:
Kullananlar var mi bilmiyorum ama biryerlerde kayitli kalsin diye bendeki Magellan 600 un gizli menu kodlarini buraya yapistiriyorum..
eXplorist units have also some hidden and service functions.  Like, if unit is off, you can to press:
- IN + PWR - to full selftest of unit (screen test, keypad test, NMEA test)
- OUT + PWR - to serial port test
- ESC + PWR - to burn-in process
- LIGHT + ENTER + RWR - tp uploading of new firmware
- NAV + PWR - to call Service Function window (see below)
- NAV + MENU + PWR - to force power off, equal remove batteries.
- GOTO + OUT + POWER - clear memory and set all settings as default.
Service functions:
If while unit is "power off", press and hold NAV key then press PWR key, or if uint is already on, press MENU key then press right-left-right-left arrows, then on center of screen the service function windows with text "00" will appears.  With help of arrows you can to change "00" to number of any other service function, then press ENTER.

00 Show Information about firmware version and unique ID of unit
01 Show statement of corellator chahels
02 Show memory dump and registers after last units failure
03 Turn WAAS on / off
05 Clear ephemerides
10 Turn unit off
15 Full selftest (like IN + PWR)
16 Serial port test (like OUT + PWR)
17 Burn in (like ESC + PWR)
20 Show statement and calibrations
22 Clear calibrations of electronic compass, barometer and thermometer.
26 Waiting for remote assistance
27 Waiting for remote assistance
30 Clear memory menu
31 Clear XO parameters (may be usefull, if unit can't to find any satallite)
32 Clear all memory prompt
33 Verify basemap
38 Interface language select
40 Set serial port boud rate
41 NMEA settings
70 Waiting for remote assistance
71 Create some PIOs for testing
72 Screen frame  rate
75 Simulator settings
78 Service report
82 Compensation offset settings. (DO NOT change, if you don't know, what is compensation!)
90 XO and A-D settings. (DO NOT change, if you don't know, what is XO and A-D!)
92 Waiting for remote assistance
93 Rename of basemap
94 Report of serial flash-memory using
95 Serial flash-memory erasing. (basemap after call of this function will be ERASED!)
96 Report about structure of serial flash-memory
97 Clear secondary SMC basemap.
98 Basemap upload mode
99 Firmware upload mode (like LIGHT + ENTER + PWR)

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